Gentle Giants of Africa!

Their massive trunks are extremely complex - find out why?
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We traveled over 2 KM, in absolute dark, through an underground river full of bats, eels and blind fish to find one of the rarest Crocs in the world.
You might be surprised, but in the forests of Madagascar lives one of the loudest mammals on the planet! This is an audio experience you have to hear for yourselves!
Weighing no more than a paperclip, this unbelievable insect makes a 4500 km journey that absolutely boggles the mind.
Millions of wildebeest roam the Serengeti every year. But did you know, thousands can die in one day... in one spot? We were there!
Great BIG Nature traveled to the remote Selkirk Mountains in British Columbia Canada to document the end of the Southern Most herd of Caribou in the world. This is Must watch stuff!
In Southern Alberta, Canada, there is a piece of nature that is the very last of it's kind - less than one percent remains... and these folks are trying to save it!
The cutest penguin of them all! Imagine standing amongst a hundred thousand birds in one of the most remote places on the planet. This is bucket list stuff.
They are one of the rarest lemurs in the world. And to see one, you have to go to a small Island off the coast of Madagascar. Then maybe... just maybe - you'll see one!
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