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Inspired by renowned naturalist, Dr. Brian Keating, Great BIG Nature is a collective group of filmmakers, photographers, researchers, conservationists, writers and everyday nature lovers… with one common purpose… “To bring a sense of wonder of nature through our work and help save the wild places we have left.”

Operating as a not-for-profit model, we believe we are slowly losing our connection to the natural world. And when that happens not only does nature suffer – but so do we.

We believe our stories can help drive change. We believe we can make a difference!

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Great Big Wonders

Croc Caves of Ankarana

We traveled over 2 KM, in absolute dark, through an underground river in search of the rarest Croc in the world.


Ghosts of the forest!

You might be surprised, but in the forests of Madagascar lives one of the loudest mammals on the planet! This is an audio experience you have to hear for yourselves!


Great Big Nature supporter

“Brian has inspired thousands to share his love of nature”……”I wish we could clone him”

Searching for the Rare Fishing Cat of India!

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Places to Save!

The Last one percent!

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Nature Note

The Invisible Gecko

Almost impossible to find in the forests of Madagascar, you will be amazed at their ability to disappear!

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To the Extreme

From our friends at Canadian Geographic

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Great Big News

Already over 3,000,000 views of our videos! Thank you for your support!

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Places To See!

Meet the Hippo Whisperer

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Great Big Nature Live!

Great Big Nature’s very own Dr. Brian Keating is one of those rare speakers who immediately captures your attention, totally entertains you and educates you about the natural world.

Attending one of the “Great Big Nature” live presentations is a treat not to be missed.

To see Brian Keating in person, or inquire about speaking dates or cost, contact Great Big Nature at info@greatbignature.com